Music and arts - electronic music/electronic waste + woodturning and nonviolence.

Currently working on:
Aimpoint, This i how to use Laser!

Selected works:
Music for dance/performance video:

Out of stillness from Mosaikteatern on Vimeo.

Dance video I (trädet) made music to:

Civil Oljudnad project page

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lo/f!-dance_music; techno&soundscapes+anti capitalistic_research. No borders. No nations. No weapons.

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The capitalistic consumption culture makes tons of waste. This waste is often exported through corrupt systems, black markets and ends up in the neighbourhood of someone who can not think about buying this kind of stuff. If they would have taken this waste and dumped it on your back yard, what would you have said?
This chest of drawers is a solution to this problem. It is second hand and the drawers is prepared with waste material, sealed and signed as a "chest of reconciliation". You take responsibility for your waste, and at the same time your storage space is reduced.

Sounds of Nonno collaborative electronic music project

sounds of nonno - live from gustafnygren on Vimeo.

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