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What is #poolhunting? Poolhunting is a photography project. Like most art projects it evolved and changed the longer I worked on it. In 2011, I started making a seasonal to-do list of the things I wanted to do each season inspired by Emily from See one of her posts here.

My Summer 2012 list included, "visit as many swimming pools as possible." When I visited a pool I took a photo and posted it to Instagram. Suddenly #poolhunting was born although the name (and hashtag) hadn't quite been realized. The name #poolhunting was coined poolside (where else?!) one summer afternoon in 2013. I continued to document my pool finds on Instagram with the hashtag #poolhunting. Soon my friends started to share their finds and tips on where to find great pools around my home town of Austin. I realized some pools I wanted to visit had major security so I started to sneak into a few here and there. As my search continued, the "Holy Grail" of pools began to form in my mind. What would make the best pool?
What qualities would that pool have? Comfortable lounge chairs are a must, not many people, a cabana boy (why not?). The Summer of 2013, I found what might be the "Holy Grail" of pools. BUT I am always looking for more pools to visit. If you know of a great pool tell me about it at

Originally I wanted to put my #poolhunting photos in a coffee table book, but after a conversation at work a website seemed to make more sense. is not updated as often as I would like but I am always on Instagram. Follow me to see #poolhunting in real time.


Poolhunting was written up on Scout blog and Camille Styles.

Who am I? My name is Andrea. I'm a production designer in Austin, TX. In my free time, I am scouting pools for future #poolhunting photo shoots and pinning photos of pools on Pinterest.