I'm a Berlin-based being.
I also invented the lolipop.

// NEWS //
my submission for LoopDeLoop.org
music: fede chiclana

LoopDeLoop - GO! from podoboo on Vimeo.

Finally! Here's the last animation for Animal Studio in Barcelona. Directed by Martin Allais.
I worked on traditional animation and also After Effects.

IBM - Bones from ANIMAL on Vimeo.

DIRECTOR: Martin Allais
PRODUCER: Maria Soler Chopo
ANIMATION: Javi Vaquero, Dante Zaballa, Daniel González
TRACING AND COLOR: Macarena Ortega, Eva Puyuelo
COMPOSITING: Martin Allais
MUSIC AND SOUND MIX: Álex Candela - Flow Audio

Vincent Tsui teached me the "T'as une tâche? Pistache!" thing.
-click on speaker logo for audio-

Proud to be part of this Pictoplasma Character Portrait traveling exhibition, with a lot of great artists.
Next stop will be Museum of Contemporary Art MARCO in Monterrey.

I'm doing little vines about daily unimportant things.
(click on the "speaker" button to hear the audio)
more on the way!

Enya on mum's phone.

// We´ve played a small animated ping-pong
with Loup Blaster:

THE DOODLE PROJECT from podoboo on Vimeo.

The Doodle Project started as a very little animated stickman.

Some individual frames were sent to friends so they could draw a character on it.
I thought it would be nice to send it to also to people I admire and I didn´t know personally.

Suddenly there were 62 Illustrators and 14 musicians from all around working on it.
Amazingly enough the Doodle Project became a big collaborative group hug.

A huge THANK YOU to all the artists who made this experiment possible!

Please go to the project´s link on the left, to discover all the artists involved and their websites.

Also, don´t hesitate in stop the video at any time to randomly find some awesome character designs :)

::: doodle-project.tumblr.com :::
::: facebook.com/pages/The-doodle-project/635194013174856 :::

Everything I Can See From Here from The Line on Vimeo.

The guys from ¨The Line Studio¨ are doing crazy things on London, and they invited me to animate a shot of this amazing animated short. Great experience!
(Check out the link for full credits)

Directed by Sam Taylor and Bjorn Aschim
The Line Studio

WHITE NOISE – Pictoplasma Festival 2013 Opener from podoboo on Vimeo.

I was invited to direct the official opener of the PICTOPLASMA FESTIVAL 2013 - White Noise Edition.
I had to paint about 300 frames in acrylics in no time. A really crazy experience!
It was used also as this year´s graphics for the festival.

Please check the PICTOPLASMA OPENER section in the menu on the left, to see more about it.

Pictoplasma Conference and Festival of Contemporary Character Design and Art
10 - 14 April, Berlin

by Dante Zaballa
Sound Design: David Kamp
Animation: Leo Campasso, Dante Zaballa
Character Design & Colour Key: Gabriel Fermanelli, Dante Zaballa
Technical and emotional support: Ivan Flugelman, Gabriel Fermanelli

Viggle MusicBoy from PUNGA on Vimeo.

For Punga.tv
Director: Facu Labo
Executive Producer: Patricio Verdi Brusati
Line Producer: Malú Rodriguez Arnedo
Animation Director: Gabriel Fermanelli
Art Director: Franco Vecchi
Design: Rodier Kidmann
3D Modelling: Franco Vecchi, Guido Lambertini
Character Design: Gabriel Fermanelli, Franco Vecchi
Storyboard: Claudio Iriarte
Character Animation: Leo Campasso, Dante Zaballa, German Merlo
3D Animation: Cesar Pelizer, Facu Labo
2D Animation & Composition: Juan Casal, Cesar Pelizer, Facu Labo, Carmen Angelillo.
Music: Daniele Carmosino
Sound FX: Daniele Carmosino

Playing around with acrylics (worth clicking on ¨HD¨)
Jugando con acrilicos (click en ¨HD¨)

Music: Fede Chiclana
Animation: Dante Zaballa

Playing around with crayons (worth clicking on ¨HD¨)
Jugando con crayones (se ve mejor en ¨HD¨ amigo)

Animation & trumpet: Dante Zaballa
Types: Juli Satran
Recorded by Horacio Giraldez in Débil Studios

The art collective ¨VJ SUAVE¨ took me once again to Brazil to work on their huge project of street projections across the streets of Sao Paulo. Amazing experience supported by MTV Brazil.

Making of from vjsuave on Vimeo.

Homeless by vjsuave from vjsuave on Vimeo.

Direction: vjsuave
Art Direction: vjsuave
Character Design: Vjsuave
Character Animation: Dante Zaballa
Animation: vjsuave
Music: Juan Tortarolo
Edition: Guillermo Coube, vjsuave
Camera: Rafael Garcia
Camera assistant: Joao Maia
Locations: Rafael Garcia, vjsuave
Producer: Juliana Borges
Camera car: Neto Valesi

Direction: Le Cube
Character design: Gabriel Fermanelli
Animation: Monica Gallab, Leo Campasso, Dante Zaballa
Compositing: Ralph Karam // Sound design: Juan Ingaramo
Producer: Gustavo Karam

Animation experiment by Dante Zaballa and Matias Vigliano. Sound Design: Ariel Gandolfo.
Parquerama Studios

One dot zero / London – 10.11-14.11.2010
Art futura / Buenos Aires - 03.11-04.11.2010
London International Animation Festival. – 31.08-06.09.2010
13th International Animation Festival / Japan – 06.2011
Melbourne International Animation Festival / Australia – 06.2010
Pictoplasma Festival / Germany – 09.4.-10.04.2010