Fragile / crate
Fragile looks into the world of shipping. A flexible packaging system as a reusable companion to the packaged object rather than a disposable skin. An inquiry into the materiality and the typologies of transport packaging for valuable goods.

Form follows format.
Format follows logistics.

Fragile is a method for shipping valuable goods. By using the properties of an elastic composite membrane, Fragile traps objects of different shapes and weights in an immediate bespoke packaging. A standard for the non-standards. A quick method to ship works of art, collectables and other singular objects in a package that is reusable, modular, collapsible and fits into existing logistics.

InnovationRCA Awards 2014 - Finalist
ICON Graduate review 2014
All photographs by Anna Queralt Maymo

Published: Dezeen, 16th June 2014
Treehugger 19th June 2014
FastCo.Design 20th June 2014
WIRED 23rd June 2014