Reel Breakdown:
0:01-0:34 Rough Animation , Le Jour des Corneilles, 2010-2011- Feature Film
0:35-0:47 Rough Animation , The Little Blue Cow, 2004- Sardine Productions/Commercial
0:47-0:49 Rough/Clean Animation, 2013, Headgear Animation /Commercial,2D Digital
0:50-0:51 Rough/Clean Animation, Le Magasin des Suicides , 2011-Feature Film, 2D Digital
0:51-1:00 Rough/Clean Animation, D.I.A., 2010, Headgear Animation/Commercial,2D Traditional
1:01-1:03 Rough/Clean Animation, St. Mary`s, 2008, Flickerlab, Commercial, 2D Digital
1:04-1:23 Rough Animation, Les Triplettes de Bellevile, 2001-2002 Feature Film
1:24-1:27 Rough Animation, Demo Reel outro, 2003, Personal

This piece of animation was screened in a theatrical play in Reykjavik in late 2013. I was given free reign in terms of design and medium. I chose to animate traditionally , on paper, and the clean up was done by myself using a japanese brush pen.