Pico by Digital Dream Quartet

Puzzle Adventure Game

We've made a prototype for our very first, original, 2D puzzle adventure game called Pico. This initial version was developed for the Windows PC platform, playable via a computer mouse.

The idea is to make a game where popups are actually relevant to the main gameplay, and to make the experience fun.

The Story

Pico's search for Father lures him away from the safe haven of the church, into the forest where an evil spirit lurks, spreading its poison on the town. The story begins Pico's nightmare, and progresses from a quest for Father to saving the town.

2013 International
Festival of Independent Games

Pico is a 2013 IndieCade Finalist. The list this year   was selected from over 800 entries, and we're so excited to play some of the amazing games to be showcased at the festival. See you there!

The Gameplay

Our main gameplay mechanic reinforces the search for a lost one through piecing together clues that pop up along the way.

The People Behind Digital Dream Quartet

The four of us (Eren Song, Haewon Nam, Josephine Tsay, and Romain Deciron) met on a dark and stormy morning in Pittsburgh, at CMU's Entertainment Technology Center.

The idea for the story started with a "what if", and ended up taking shape over several months between those very same four.

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