The last 2 years have been an adventure.
Luke learned to walk.
Matthew learned to dance.
We sold our house on our third attempt.
We put an offer in on a short sale.
We moved in with my folks for a few months.
We got the house.
We almost lost Maria’s Dad.
He was saved.
We moved in to our new home and fixed it.
Allan told his story around the country to places like Facebook and Disney.
Disney helped us take the whole family to meet Mickey and Pooh.
Luke learned to drive a car.
We found a great church.
We jumped in leaves.
We made new friends.
We celebrated and danced - a lot.
We watched two toddlers turn into two little boys.
Most importantly we followed God’s lead.
He showed us the best two years of our lives.

Merry Christmas from the Peters Family.

Music by Hillsong United // Oceans
Go download the album. It’s amazing.