Design Month

Target Design Month is an internal celebration of the power of design in the Target Brand. Events and speakers celebrate and excite design thinking within the company. 2012′s campaign titled “Failure to Succeed” emphasized the importance of failure in the goal of success. As a finally to Design Month, Target has an annual art exhibit called Curative: art by Target employees. In 2012, the event was held at Target Commercial Interiors in Downtown Minneapolis.


2013 : Graphis Poster Annual / Design Month Gold
2013 : Graphis Poster Annual / Curative Silver

Curative Posters

Curative Window Displays

Process Shots


Agency: Target iH
Sr. CD: Jason Langer
CD: Dawn Selg
Sr. Art Director: Allan Peters
Sr. Art Director: Adam Hoganson
Writer: Sage Rider
Photographer: Tim Hollatz