ESPN: Print & Digital Media:
ESPN's in-house design agency.

Target's digital coupon app.

The rename + rebrand of Target's most successful owned brand for 22 categories of home products. It was the largest rebrand in Target's history.

A mountain bike brand based out of Queensland Australia.

A work flow and content management tool for

A fishing brand that ranges from saltwater nets to portable ice houses.

Target Earth Month:
Target's logo for their 2011 earth month initiative. The logo was on in-store signage and the weekly advertising.

Jet Financial:
A financial planning software company.

Opus Green:
Opus builders' earth conscious building initiative.

Genesis Development:
A developmental children's program.

A global bathroom partition builder.

Fuel the Game:
A benefit for Innercity Tennis - a program to help develop and empower inner city children.

A fashion photographer.

The Hope in Hand Project:
A program that brings food to starving children in third world countries.

A motions graphics + post production company.

Mpls Bike Gangs:
Fictitious bike gang logos made for all of my favorite places in Minneapolis.

WFTDA Championship:
The national Rollergirls' tournament based out of Chicago.

Peters Design Co:
My Design and Advertising company based out of Minneapolis Minnesota.

The Original Sketch:

Make the Switch by Jennie-O:
A campaign that suggests switching to turkey instead of eating beef, pork and chicken. This campaign has run for years and exists everywhere from broadcast to print to in-store packaging.

Target Pride:
A logo designed to represent Target's GLBT efforts.