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Tskhaltubo is a former Soviet sanatorium, turned into a shelter for internally displaced people (IDP) from the short but intense 1992-93 Abkhaz war.
Abkhazia declared independence from Georgia after the 1992-93 war, but this status is only recognised by Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Nauru, Tuvalu and Vanuatu. The ensuing complex and intense conflict resulted in a wave of atrocities by both sides of the conflict (probably aided by the presence of Georgian militia and North Caucasian fighters), and the Mingrelian-Georgian population fled Abkhazia during 1991-1994, and again 1998, resulting in a wave of IDP in Georgia.
Some 7000 IDP have been living in Tskhaltubo since 18 years in poor, cramped and unsanitary conditions, waiting for another future, seemingly forgotten by the rest of the world. Tskhaltubo’s dilapidating buildings used to be the Soviet holiday paradise, now they are haunted by the ghosts of the past and the broken promises of the present.

The photos were taken during a photo project for the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), which supports resetting and livelihood projects for IDPs in Georgia.