Trimapee | The Milk Shoppe Gang
This shop at 78 Johnson Street in Fitzroy was for 'Trimapee' a young Melbourne based fashion design company. (Note: Trimapee are now known as Strateas Carlucci)

This project was undertaken with Tristan Burfield and Huw Wellard.

(Project text below images)

All Trimapee photos thanks to Michael Kai Photography.

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The Milk Shoppe Gang responds to the concept of fashion retail through the idea of an endless series of cyclical and seasonal permeation's and configurations.

The shop needed to convey the idea of cutting edge local design, but with a sense of humility. Simple and yet radical in approach. The shop is flexible, allowing for adaptable occupation of the space.

The retail space pushes the conventional understanding of what a shop fit-out can be. Visitors are challenged to explore the garments and the space, this process engages the public and forces an active, experiential negation of the retail environment.

The ‘tree’ system disputes the predictable mannequin and clothing rack; instead, garments are hung from ‘branches’ in infinite configurations. The display becomes about celebrating the products and the interaction with the customers.

As well as strengthening Trimapee's position as up-and-coming young designers, the space is about creating a sense of community. The flexibility of the space is designed to encourage and help facilitate this; the shop can potentially be used to host fashion shows, parties, gallery openings and other arts community events.

The existing shop was a narrow, two-roomed terrace. The project opens up this space to create a much more generous and functional area. Utilising the existing stair and responding to the tight budget with a material pallet stemming from off-cuts and found objects makes this project efficient both in terms of monetary outlay and other resources.

All images and drawings copyright Sam Perversi-Brooks, Tristan Burfield and Huw Wellard