Email: paulremund@gmail.com

Born in 1983 in Los Angeles Ca
Working out of Brooklyn New York
in a variety of media including
film, sound, sculpture, performance and paint.

Selected Performances and Exhibitions

2014 Screening - Glasshouse Brooklyn, NY
2014 "Art Experimenta" Trispace Gallery London, Uk
2014 "Thaw" Exhibition Brooklyn, NY
2013 Mutant, The Hose, Brooklyn Ny
2013 Further, The Silent Barn, Brooklyn Ny
2013 Loosen, Patarei Prison, Tallinn, Estonia
2013 Voices, Hostel, Riga Latvia
2013 Unfound, Vilnius Lithuania
2013 Searching as Two, Warsaw Poland
2013 Desert Heater The Hose, Brooklyn Ny
2013 Transages, Tin Can, San Diego
2012 AQUARIUS, West Ivy Warehouse, San Diego
2012 The Return After a Death, The Casbah, San Diego
2012 Assimilation, The Lab, San Francisco
2012 Alone Now, Three Clubs, Los Angeles
2012 Hands, "Stay Strange" Kava Lounge, San Diego
2012 Procession, Soda Bar, San Diego
2012 Child 2, Tin Can Ale House, San Diego
2012 Decades, The Stock Room, San Francisco
2012 0420, The Cave, San Diego
2011 A Happening, MXD830, San Diego
2011 Phases, Art d'Strada, San Diego
2011 SOLO, The Glashaus, San Diego
2011 Night of the Anti-Woman Pt 2, The Casbah, San Diego
2011 Night of the Anti-Woman Pt 1, The Casbah, San Diego

Hill of Crosses (2013) 13:11 min
Film, Sound and Performance
In collaboration with Hollie Miller

Hill of Crosses is a film that blindly guides you through a space between solitude and the feverish discovery of the self. Two wanderers imprisoned by their silence discover movement as a means of finding their voice. It is a trans-Atlantic collaboration meeting at an in between place. This experimental film documents a journey through the Baltic's discovering abandoned and sacred places and delving into the freedom of loneliness. A series of performance rituals of the body in response to space are played out to a dreamlike and eerie sound score.

Locations include:
Hill of Crosses, Siauliai, Lithuania
Patarei Prison, Tallinn, Estonia
Linnahall, Tallinn, Estonia

* "The Projection Room" Unstitute London, Uk Feb 2015
* Glasshouse Brooklyn, NY Fall 2014
* "Art Experimenta" Trispace Gallery London, Uk July 2014
* "Thaw" Exhibition Brooklyn, NY March 2014

Diagnostic (2013) 3:33 min
overdriven light and sound

Desert Heater (2013) 4:13 min
Shadows of searching through abandoned spaces
The Hose, Brooklyn NY

Assimilation (2012)
Set Design and Sculpture
Sound and Performance in collaboration with
Cathedral X - The Lab San Francisco, Ca

Optical Theramin (2012)
drift wood, picture frame,electronics.

Spirits (2012)
Natural edge Parota, laquer

Oscillator (2012)
Acrylic, Walnut, Electronics.
Used in collaboration with Cathedral X Residency at The Lab San Francisco Ca

Station (2011)
DJ/Sound booth, Soda Bar San Diego Ca

Isosceles Light (2011)
Wood, Light, Acrylic, Paint.
Sculpture and performance in collaboration
with Cathedral X - MXD830, San Diego

Intermittence 2011
Wood, varnish, stains, Solvents, epoxy.

Sound (2011-2014)