Video and Animation

Here's a summary of the past three years of animation and video completed while at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. If you would like to contact me about animation or video work email me at

"Closet Astrologer" performed by The Ruby Suns, courtesy of Sub Pop Records

Synthesis, Part one of three of my Yugen(幽玄) series
Yugen - "An awareness of the universe that triggers emotional responses too deep and mysterious for words." Synthesis is a voyage into the unknown. A fantastical look into what makes up all matter in existence. A glance upon the beginnings of life in the cold, dark void.

**2014 Milwaukee Underground Film Fest**
**Swim Team Presents: Temporary Projections 2014**

So Far, So Close Part two of my Yugen(幽玄) series
“a profound, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe… and the sad beauty of human suffering”
A playful look into what might make up the world around us, or a distant galaxy just as it's being born. Imagination wanders and finds itself lost in the infinite unknown.

**2014 Ramstock Film Festival, Richmond Virginia**
**2014 Resonate Festival Belgrade Serbia** (Best of Punta y Raya)
**2014 Animuza Festival Poznan, Poland** (Best of Punta y Raya)
**2014 Punto y Raya Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland** (Best of Punta y Raya)
**2014 Streetlight: Roman Susan Gallery, Chicago IL**

So Far, So Close, was an attempt to create a visual piece that felt both astronomical and microscopic. I created the imagery using ink and plexiglass layered on top of each other. The depth it created was surprising! Once I was done filming I was going over the footage and found that as beautiful and captivating as these environments were, needed a subject. That's where the animations came into play. The childlike drawings are very humorous against the cosmic backgrounds.I wanted my drawings to interact with the space and give a reason for the movement on screen. I also see them as little characters floating through these spaces. While you are watching, imagine yourself to be an observer, not necessarily looking for a beginning and an end, but simply looking through a telescope (or a microscope!) on a distant world yet to be discovered.

The mysteries of the Universe are infinite. In the dark depths of existence there are creeping, colossal monsters that inhabit entire galaxies.Awaking from their slumber, rolling over onto solar systems swallowing them whole.
These monsters have no name, no form. They are the collective nightmares of all creation...

**2014 Punto y Raya Festival 2014 in Reykjavik, Iceland**
**2014 Streetlight: Roman Susan Gallery, Chicago IL**
**2013 Milwaukee Underground Film Festival**
**2013 Ghost IV Show at Imagination Giants, Milwaukee WI**

Parkside/Harmony Radio Theme from Paul Rabe on Vimeo.

Derivative Conversation Quotients from Paul Rabe on Vimeo.

Nocturnal Etiquette from Paul Rabe on Vimeo.

Ink Space is a juxtaposition of natural sound paired with unnatural visuals. You can hear a conversation taking place in the neighboring studios while viewing a void seemingly floating in the nighttime sky. The viewer is pulled back and forth between reality and fiction via sound and visuals.

**2014 Streetlight: Roman Susan Gallery, Chicago IL**
**2013 Ghost Show IV at Imagination Giants, Milwaukee WI**

A dream or a nightmare.

**2014 Streetlight: Roman Susan Gallery, Chicago IL**
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