Orange County Choppers (OCC)
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PROJECT Orange County Choppers Site Redesign
ROLE Concepting, Art Direction, Photo-shoot Direction, Design
COMPANY Domani Studios
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After seeing our work for Allstate Garage, Paul Sr. and Team OCC approached us to create a site redesign less focused on e-commerce and more submerged in chopper culture. It was important that they be portrayed as a legitimate chopper brand, while promoting their new television series as a secondary element. In exchange for a new site, we received our very own, customized Domani Studios chopper and were featured in the first episode of the new series! I've included some
behind-the-scenes photos of the bike unveiling, along with a concept design, in the slideshows below. This was an awesome project to work on, and OCC was an amazing client to work with.
(Beneath the sunglasses, handle-bar stache, and tattoos, Paul Sr. is actually a big teddy bear.)

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Photos courtesy of Jessica Hills and Greg Solenström