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Here you have the design I did with Albert Soriguera to illustrate the month of June for the Vint Dotze Calendar.

We decided to create a typeface by wires as it was a bit like a kind transplanted into a new body. The colors twisted together wanted to symbolize the different tissues of the human body (bones, muscles, organs, skin, hair, ...)

The project was for the Catalan public television program called "La Marató", an annual event in solidarity, based on raising money to help medical research projects.

We joined some friends designers and illustrators (Conrad Roset, Guim Tio, Juanjo Saez, Buenafuente, ...) to make a calendar with the aim of raising fund for the event.

We could live forever / Podriem viure per sempre

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** little interview about the project :: HERE


VINT DOTZE is a group of 20 artists from different disciplines (illustrators, photographers, designers ...) that have joined together to make their contribution to the charitable initiative of The Marathon of TV3.

The project arose from the union of some authors who, using their closest circles, invited a number of artists to collaborate with the project. From that moment, thanks to the goodwill and motivation of all participants, the project of solidarity calendar begins to grow and, with the sum of the efforts of all, it manages to turn a small idea into a reality.

The result of this project is the schedule, in which each participant has illustrated or designed a month from the theme of this year's Marathon. All donated proceeds go entirely to the cause that promotes the Marathon: regeneration and transplantation of organs and tissues.

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