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I'm a graphic designer and art director with over 6 years of design and agency experience. My days are currently spent at redpepper with a passionate team of creatives and strategists. My nights and weekends are filled with passion projects where I can create, explore and grow through my own work. I'm inspired by things everyday and love to create work that solves problems and surprises and delights the audience with smart design thinking.

Why Otis Lindsey, you ask? I was named after my great grandfather, Lindsey Otis Armstrong - a professor, illustrator, letterer and all around good soul. I'm told my "creative drawin' skills" must have been passed down from him and while we unfortunately never met, there is no doubt that my connection to him is a unique and inspiring one. So you can call me Lindsey, or you can call me Otis, whichever suits you best.