About This Project

This project was created in the spring of 2009, during my time at The Creative Circus. Around this time Google Chrome had just been announced, and the name Mark Zuckerberg was just starting to become part of pop culture. Though the big idea of a Web/Social OS has not yet become a reality, many of the features of Vellum are now part of our everyday online lives. And in that sense I view this school project as a complete success because we were able to create features that accurately used technology that had not yet been implemented into Facebook at the time. Below is an interactive flash demo that shows what each feature would look like on a user's desktop.

The Idea

If any company could rewire how we interact with our friends online it's Facebook. The concept of Vellum is a browser that allows users to not just share content but to actually surf the web together, live. This browser is not so much an application on your computer but, much like your computer's operating system, it becomes an operating system for the web and for your social network. Up until now surfing the web has been an individual experience, but Vellum changes all that with features that turn surfing the web with your friends into a simultaneous, live experience. Explore the features to understand how Vellum integrates your social network into your everyday browsing of the web.