Gnctrkcll 10sn

gnctrkcll created a new tariff for youngsters which provides the first 10 seconds of talk completely free of charge! Therefore, we created a contest for the promotion of the new tariff as: "Speak up in 10 seconds". Each contestant is given 1 task for each week. First task is "send your love", second one "picturize your dream vacation" and the last one is "make the best excuse to your teacher on why you did not do your homework". Participants make their contribution by sending 10 seconds-long voice recording to meet the week's task. Every week, top 3 (by user votes) contributors win various prizes. Clients met their goals in 3 weeks-time. Beyond that, users loved the idea of sending voice messages in Facebook and still using the application as a messaging platform.

The Ses Ver application was available from 31th Oct - 20th Nov 2011. During the three week campaign period, gnctrkcll acquired 35.000 new Facebook Page fans, and more than 14,000 fans installed the application. Reached more than 450,000 people.

Art Director : Onur Can Coban
Graphic Designer : Onur Can Coban
Agency : 8Bitiz