City Mirage
In City Mirage, different cities of Europe and Far East are brought together through a number of selected video sequences. In City Mirage the question is about trying to understand how we comprehend our surrounding – understand and visualize time, by observing movement in unrooms of the urban dweller and studying historical layers of the spaces. The Danube River, uniting cities by sea and river from Europe to Asia through time (Claudio Magris, Danubio 1986), is an inspiration for the journey we create about time.

Sounds shape our understanding of a place and open us different dimensions of time and space – leading and shaping our interpretation.The video is a visual score for live music improvisation. It gives impulses for the performers and form for the interpretation. The order and number of the video sequences is different in every performance, the sound always being formed differently by a combination of chosen paths during live improvisation. Thus every performance of the City Mirage will be different and an unique experience.


City Mirage is an ongoing project currently touring.
Nina-Maria Oförsagd Director, Video (FIN), is in dialogue with PerViktor Hjalmarsson, Performance, Piano (SWE) and Petri Kuljuntausta, Sounds, Guitarr (FIN), Daniel Nyman, Slam Poetry, Performance, Percussion (FIN) – investigating the differences between the unique improvisation sessions with the performing group, together with visiting artists and also investigating the relationship with the audience as a joint experience – understanding and reading of visual material through a here and now audiovisual act.
A visual and written product will be produced of case studies.

Guest Artists and performances sprouted from content and theme of City Mirage will also be added to our current programme by Ilkka Hanski, Double-Bass (FIN), Mauriz Tistelö, Poetry Performance (SWE), Joel Heyrås-Gröndahl, Performance, Saxophone (SWE), Robert Jürjendal, guitar (EST) and to bee seen with City Mirage, summer 2017 in Helsinki, autumn 2017 in Viljandi and Gothenburg.


The videos (16:9, HD, 40– min, stereo, Oförsagd 2014-2017) are designed to bring together the visual and live improvisation to a common view, which creates scope for interpretation during live improvisation.

Sound in video excerpts bellow recorded during screening / live impro. events with; Jazzbassist Ilkka Hanski, sound artist Petri Kuljuntausta, poet, performance artist, percussionist Daniel Nyman, improvisation pianist, vocal PerViktor Hjalmarsson performed at Akusmata Sound Gallery 19.5.2017, Huuto Gallery 17.12.2016, Helsinki, coming event at International Art Festival QQ in Viljandi, 2017.

Thank you, Grönqvistska stiftelsen, Svenska kulturfonden, and Stina Krooks stiftelse for Art Prize