1973 // Kelman Duran
USA | HD | In development

1973 is a creative documentary exploring the relationship between loss of culture and architectural typologies at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. In 2011 the U.S. government cut $50 million in aid to "Native American" housing assistance. The original number of the cuts proposed by the Obama administration was $120 million. These cuts, of course hurt those reservations most in need, like Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, the poorest reservation in the country. 1973 is an experimental documentary that wishes to create a discourse around loss of culture and the way reservations are planned and politically neglected. It documents housing conditions and the architectural typologies of this specific reservation, and juxtaposes spoken histories and the oral tradition of the Oglala Sioux to create a counter-narrative of how they see and saw their landscape, and the changes that comes with planned reservations; open-air prisons as they call it.

En Ancón // Andrea Franco Batievsky

Peru/USA | 16mm | 27 minutes

Flaherty NYC Spring 2013
Zinebi Bilbao 2012
MALI Museo de Arte de Lima 2013

Ancon is a Peruvian beach town near the country's capital, Lima. What used to be a pre Incan fishing town has become a privileged beach resort after the Spanish colony. With an observational lens, En Ancon explores the space of memory to uncover the filmmaker's childhood where she spent her summers.With distance in time and space, and with the desire to observe and re-examine a place from the past, comes a different gaze and an evolution of thought and awareness.


And Their Phantoms // Alex Herboche
USA | Super 16mm | 19 minutes

Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival, France 2012
Los Angeles/Vienna, Atelier Sachlink, Vienna, Austria, 2012

A road trip film without a car, and their phantoms is an exploration of how we deal with the process of mourning.
The film is a loose adaptation of real events which occurred 4 years ago. It follows 3 actors and their crew as they journey up to Mono Lake, California to scatter the ashes of a loved one. Throughout, their relationship to each other, to the deceased, to the space and to the crew remains unclear.

Sunset Blvd // Alex Herboche
USA | HD | 10 minutes

A short film, quite literally, about Los Angeles’ dark side. Shot entirely over the course of one night (from sunset to sunrise), Sunset blvd. - 02/08/1769, Juan - 11/02/2012, Alex; is an attempt at unravelling the mysteries of night time in a city which appears to come to a complete halt at 2am. Angelinos avoid the streets at night because they are “dangerous” but are unclear about what the danger is.
Set entirely within the borders of the original Pueblo de Los Angeles, as it stood while it was a Spanish colony in the 1700s, the film draws a parallel between the journal of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, who first discovered the Los Angeles valley and claimed it for Spain, and the filmmaker’s own 1-night video diary on the night of Whitney Houston’s death.
The film becomes an ode to the unseen, un-glorious side of the city and to its never-sleeping (or ever-sleeping) statues while constantly and inevitably referencing film culture and history. Sunset Blvd. is a part of the Heist: Los Angeles feature film omnibus.