Get Out of My Space! (Violating Christine)

Get Out of My Space! confronts my issues with personal space and explores non-verbal communication through facial expressions.

This idea came about after watching Yoko Ono's "Cut Pieces." I openly invited people I knew and didn't know to come and put make up on me. Although I feel like I am a friendly person, I am also very private and shy. I don't always express how I feel in words, but usually communicate my feelings with my facial expression and non-verbal communication. By inviting people to get up close and personal with me, I was inviting them to have a conversation with me by having their actions speak to me and having my facial expressions react to their actions.

My relationship with make-up is that I use it to hide imperfections or enhance people's features. I gave no instruction on how to put the make-up on me. I relinquished all control and gave the participants free will to do whatever they wanted with the make up and my face. I expected people to approach make up the same way that I did, however, the participants instead used my face as a blank canvas to draw pictures and create patterns. As they fully transformed my face, I watched this process through a monitor directly in front of me that captured the entire process. I was forced to see myself physically as I am and how other people wanted to recreate my image. I was also in a position where I had no control (short of getting up and walking out) and was forced to watch it. By doing this, I felt violated on many levels that words can not adequately express.

Despite being covered with layers of make-up, nothing could hide my facial expressions. During this hour and a half process, I cycled through emotions of annoyance, anger, dislike, uncomfortableness, amusement, and reflectiveness. These are emotions that I normally prefer to keep private, but in this project, there was no hiding and no escaping.

Role: Concept, Filming and Editing
Collaborator: Luis Violante