Everything there is simple, faultlessly clear but it can be open only for clear person. You can undress, leave all your money and documents, clear your head from anxiety and irritating thoughts, and listen...just listen! Listen to this precious silence! Yes, this silence is more powerful than any medicine in the world, and every noise that you can hear is going from yourself. And it’s not easy to be silent from the beginning. But you can splash out all that garbage, negativity, weakness and frustration that kills you from the inside. Just spit out every inch of dark side of your citizen-soul. And the cricket’s symphony will help you to feel relieve, clarification. But you can scream once again if you need to and nobody will hear you, you are all alone here.

Summer 2009
Fashion Film for Unicorn by Anastasia Che
Model - Irina Bulgaru
Directed and filming by - Nikitin Sasha
Music by - Radarfilm
Tipografia5 / Moldova 2014