Next Nikki, a musical collaborative featuring Nikki played by Cat Hartwell (Fannypack, Holy Hail) and Nikki performed by Jeremy Parker (Kill Whitie, Tha Pumpsta, Jamstation) represents the exploration of the human condition through exile from the modern metropolis.

Jeremy Parker, hailed by CMJ magazine as "the ultimate post-modern lothario" and "genius" by Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 FM; has joined forces with Cat Hartwell praised by as the "Fergie of the indie dance set, only with more demonstrable talent".

Nikki is the urban gypsy and hustler in each of us, the vague representation of masculine and feminine, the person that left the world that “was” to discover what “is”. Nikki makes a lot of noise in opposition to state-mined control and is the ultimate expression of individualism and sexuality.

Jeremy Parker, an actor, musician, performance and visual artist has performed at the The Kitchen, The Natural History Museum, Deitch Projects as well as a number of international venues. In addition Jeremy Parker's visual work can be found in a number of galleries and publications including K48 and

Over the course of the last decade, Cat Hartwell has performed at numerous institutions around the world from the Terrazo Centro Cultural Espanol in Mexico City to the Bergen International Festival in Norway. In the spring of 2010, she opened for Florence and the Machine on their first major North American tour. Additionally, she works as a musical curator and DJ. Her weekly radio show can be found at

On a mission to find themselves, Nikki and Nikki found each other.Next Nikki 4ever.