DIY - Anaerobic Chamber
This DIY Anaerobic chamber was built to grow cultures of Geobacter Sulfurreducens bacteria, for research and experimentation in the MPS thesis project BactElecTric, at the Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU.

At Genspace

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It was displayed displayed as a demo at the Open Hardware Summit
At Eyebeam art + technology center, NYC, USA.

It was also displayed at the Maker Faire 2012 in NYC. It got media coverage on the Maker blog and also a video interview.

The goal (other that use it) was to keep costs low, and have a viable and sturdy piece of equipment so that it could be used over and over again for different types of projects at the lab. It was developed to be used at a Bio Safety Level 1 facility (such as Genspace).

The chamber was a whole challenge on it self (during BactElecTric), it was developed without blue prints of any kind and with materials accessible to any person with access to a hardware store or internet. It took me a long time to build it because each step as thought many times, so that the integrity of the chamber was not lost and I would not have to start over from scratch.

The development of open hardware to for the DIY-Bio community is of importance due to the high cost of laboratory equipment. Lab gear such as a anaerobic chamber usually runs in the thousand of dollars.

Here you will see materials that were used and steps for 9 basic components of the chamber (costs will be published soon):

Most of the materials used:

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Basic components:
3-In Valve
4-Out Valve
7-Double Hatch
8-Hatch Gaskets
9-Hatch Horizontal Surface
**10-measure valve
**11-manual out valve
**- are components that still need to be developed

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3-In Valve:
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4-Out Valve:
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7-Double Hatch:
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8-Hatch Gaskets:
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9-Hatch Horizontal Surface
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