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I'm Neal Coghlan. I studied graphic design in Sheffield, worked as an animator in London and Sydney and set up a company as a director that has spanned all three places. I have also been making music, performing live as an audio-visual artist across a number of venues and festivals across Europe. I occasionally give a lecture or workshop on what I've been doing/how to do some of the things I do. I love to research and explore, whether it is from my travels or from a book; for me this is as big a part of my work as the creative techniques I practise. I enjoy finding inspiration in as many things as I can and aim to create works that are an inspiration to others.

I have created works of many shapes and sizes, from small scale illustrations to be used as GIFs, design for responsive websites spanning healthcare to hospitality, music videos for some awesome artists, interactive projections that allowed the audience to control the visuals, and a bunch of works that have been projected and projection mapped on huge spaces. This mixing of skills has allowed me to create a unique balance of creativity and technical knowledge to build pieces in a number of different ways.

My disciplines include illustration, aniamation, direction, projection and music; especially when they're all blended together.

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+44 (0) 7756 159 845 (UK)

skype: neal.coghlan
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