Japanese photographer Ryuta Abe named himself "narcissus" as a musician.

He started to playing a guitar when he was 13 years-old and formed post-rock band "brassica rapa" in 2009.

After the band broke up in 2012, ryuta started to make music alone by his mac.
After a while, he got a sampler from his mother by christmas present and it accelerated to making electronic music and he named himself narcissus.

He decided to provide restriction to making music and aim to established his own methodology for making music continuously.

- Use connected (related) equipments of my life -
- Make cables by myself as possible -
- Take care of troubles -

- Use records which from my father's collection or audios which I bought -
- Or play yourself -

- Do not be a play button -
- Do not join wasted events and shows -
- Expulse all nuts -