Choco Krispis
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Designed for Leo Burnett
Client: Kellogg’s

The aim of this website was to create an immersive experience for the chocolate cereal brand Choco Krispis. The whole navigation was done like the FPS (First person shooter) games, where the user has all the information in his HUD/Visor and by moving the mouse from one side to another of the screen, the user had the feeling of being exploring the environments in front of him. The story behind is that kids where part of the Melvin Squad, where they had to achieve missions related to the stories of the tv spots (mostly, trying to to protect the cereal chocolate formula). Beside this, kids were able to gain points and have a profile that they had the chance to customize and improve. Getting new armors and downloadable content was part of the rewards they had.
Games like Super Metroid and Halo, were an important reference.

Role: Web designer, UX, animator, developer