The Animated Life & Work: Jeff Scher
Jeffery Noyes Scher was born in 1954 and graduated from Bard College in 1976. He has since then made well over one hundred films, mixing both painting, typography, graphic elements and film to create beautifully vibrant and emotionally charged works. Scher draws inspiration from everyday life, he is a poetic observer, a modern day Baudelaire enjoying the limitless boundaries of experimentation. To watch his films, is to engage in a moment of pure emotion and a visual spectacle that has you eager to repeat.

The Animated Life & Work of Jeff Scher is an interview conducted with Jeff Scher for the resource site, Motionographer.

More work and information for Jeff Scher can be found at his personal site called,Fez Films and his New York Times project can be followed and watched here The Animated Life

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