Gordon´s Gin
Gordon's Gintlemans Club

Make Gordon's Gin an attractive drink for young men.

Gordon's Gintlemans Club Homepage, for men only. They log in with their facebook account.

Here you can get tips on how to be a true Gintleman.

And get the iPhone application.

After getting the application, you get the first assignment, you have to finnish to become a true Gordon's Gintleman.

After completing the first task, you can send and receive tasks to other Gordon's Gintlemen and compete on becoming the Gintleman with the most points.

When you have proven that you are a worthy Gordon's Gintleman, you receive the Gordon's Gintleman cufflinks by mail, which gives double up on Gordon's Gin drinks out in town.

Prints, where the Gordon's Gintlemen men scan the QR code and see why it pays of to be a Gintleman.