Antoine Piron takes hold of his new creative outlet in the medium of photography.

'After a long experience with a french rap band, and the release on my first solo album, I took some time to think about my creative process. Something I had never really done... What came out is a will to do things more easily, using the most simple and appropriate tool I could. It could have been a pen, but it came out to be a camera.'

As a musician and photographer he finds the rhythm and poetry in an image and captures moments of subjective reality. 'I'm not representing reality, nor trying to reveal “the real side” of a place. It's more like environmental haïkus : telling poetry with few tangible elements.'He is often inspired by the simplicity of minimalist artwork and photography, including the work of Lucien Hervé in architectural photography, and his book on Le Corbusier's work in the french city of Le Havre, in 1956.

'I got really impressed by I found in it the purest expression of photography : places with a soul, light and shadows, in such a beautiful minimalism.'Antoine reveals more in his artwork by 'removing' elements and creating different perspectives. He believes in the old adage that 'Less is more' and utilises this principle in his photography. '

That's what I do in everything : I cut, paste, remove and reshape to make a thing turn into different, or make it tell something different.'Antoine Piron is a France based photographer. He is also a talented musician and sound technician.

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