QE2 Medical Centre Facade
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The development and application of a facade for Perth's Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre car port.

The development started with the intent to use lightweight and innovative forms of concrete to sculpt a flowing facade around the existing car port's framework. From the get-go, we wanted to create an interesting wind and sun screening exterior, with a reserved interior.

108 concrete modules were used and distributed. We used processing to develop a method of distorting grids, and then used those grids as a basis for grasshopper to extrude a given surface. That surface was then cut into vertical contours and each individual contour became a module. The modules arc as they rise as there was an opening variation required in the brief. Each Module rests and is secured on the ground aside from the corner pieces that gently lift to allow for cars to enter and exit.

The second portion of the brief was to use the modules in an alternate method. We chose to seat them into the earth as a folly or to repurpose them as a backing for an artificial rock climbing wall.

This project was completed by Joshua Hills, Charlotte May, Bella Benjamin and myself at the University of Western Australia.