The first project moiré noir was involved in was the short film called KINDERWUNSCH, which adressed the issue of duplicating humans. In this project, he collaborated with and assisted the art director: MAKING OF

In the project titled 1919 TIMES , a production of the Stuttgart, based company "Viva La Function," he was the assistant art director. Moreover, moiré noir also filmed BEHIND THE SCENES

From 2010 on, moiré noir realised a number of own projects: a commercial for
a commercial for MOON BERLIN,
an image film for the town of WOLFACH,
& an architectural visualisation of the CUBE in Stuttgart.

In 2011 moiré noir started a film project called YOU MAN which is still @ work.

In 2012, he produced a documentary feature titled "Future Visions In Film."

moiré noir was also involved in the project PRICELESS SMILE , an entry for the "99 Fire Films" competition.

He worked as assistant art director for a degree project of the LMU Munich, so called MANCHMAL HÖRT ES SO AUF WIE...

After that moiré noir documented the BA project WHAT A DAY.

In collaboration with students from the EPFL (Lausanne) moiré noir developped a visual clip called HOUSING IN HAMBURG...

His next project was an animation for a dance party in munich, called ELECTRONIC MONSTER

In April 2012, he started an internship in Cologne at Paper Boy Productions, who are producing different online & TV formats.
There he was involved in the process of filming and editing.

Mostly moiré noir was responsible for the online format FAZE TV and moved to various places, e.g. to Trier & Stuttgart, to report on certain events.

Also they produce the MIXERY MASSIVE MUSIC Festival Summer by VIVA. During the 2012 productions he worked together with moderators like Collien Ulmen-Fernandez or Romina Becks and collected further footage of festivals like Splash, Melt, or Nature One.

During the 2013 episode of Mixery Massive Music he was involved as camera operator. The result you can watch HERE

In june 2012 moiré noir reported on & produced a documentation in three parts of the C/O POP FESTIVAL in Cologne featuring artists like Roman Flügel, Motor City Drum Ensemble,

Aroma Pitch, Café International and Hall&Rauch.

In September he produced a film for DAAB MEDIA called COLOGNE CATWALK. It was sponsored by Mercedes Benz, Hapag-Loyd and others, and showed the new collections of fashion designers like e.g. Edward Finney from all over the world.

After that, in October, moiré noir produced his first cinema commercial together with the cinematographer Jonas Bak. The commercial was filmed on sony nex under contract to BeBold Aurich for the bus line NACHTEULE. He planed the shoot, booked the equipment and was involved in filming and lighting.

In 2013, moiré noir produced another commercial for the radio channel Raute Musik FM in Aachen which is presently showing in all UCI cinemas .

From 2014 on, he works as freelance camera assistent for TV productions and made new FAZE TV episodes that contain some sort of new visuals...
Now he is writing his BA thesis about the topic "modern future visions in science-fiction" which will be released in 2015.