Al Ekhbariyah News Channel

Al-Ekhbariya is STV's 24hr news channel.
Aimed at Saudi’s 
at home and abroad the channel offers coverage of the very latest live and international breaking news events.

The channel needed to develop a positioning which could be brought to life using the concept of time as a metaphor. The creative was led by the 'up to the minute News' proposition, and hinged around a virtual clock device.

Client : STV News
Agency : Turquoise / Creative Edge
Role : Concept, Design and Art Direction.

At various stages of development.
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STV 1 News re-brand
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Al Ekhbariyah News Channel
Al-Ekhbariya is STV's 24hr news channel. Aimed at Saudi’s 
at home and abroad the channel offers coverage of the very latest live and international...
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