Sustainable toaster
Toaster for young families with children. It uses 34 % less energy than a regular toaster, is easy to clean and it makes the family be aware about its energy consumption.

This is a project developed for Philips at TU Delft. This project was rewarded as the third position at the Philip-TUDelft Domestic Appliances Design Award (2009).

Conceptualization, product use, usability test

Design goal:The aim of the product is that consumers concerned with sustainability can find real effective solution for the home environment applying right away. Making them feel they have made a difference (living greener life taking simple steps). Target group: young couple with children.

Relevant methods:
Aesthetic mapping, trend analysis, online user survey, usability test. story board.

Design proposal
This toaster is designed with energy efficiency in mind. On one hand, it allows you to toast only one peace of bread. On the other hand the 4 parts are insulated and closed making the toasting process faster and saving energy. When the toast is ready the door doesn’t open, maintaining the toast hot until you open it. The doors can be taken out to clean it easily.
It can be used in two different environments: on week days only using the base (occupying the less as possible) and on weekend using the 4 parts in a family environment.
The biggest innovation of this toaster is that it increases awareness about sustainability for kids being as a game. This toaster can be charged with human power (static bike) and it tells the user how much energy (bike) had been used and how much electricity.

Isolated compatments:
The door opens just by pushing it from the top part of it. It will start opening slightly until it touches the floor. When the door is open, it closes the way of introducing anything inside the toaster. This is because of the safety of the children. After the toast is introduce between the two wires it can be closed using the hand.
The four compartments are insulated. That’s why it uses 34% less energy than a typical toaster.

Easy to clean:
After using the toaster, if the door is wanted to be cleaned it can easily take it out. As it is shown in the picture the door has two little flaps. The base of the toast has a hole of the same dimension of the flap with a curve shape.
Opening a little bit the door and making it move in the same direction as the hole, the door will be easily taken out. It is important to mention that this kind of movement children will not be able to do it.

During the week
During the week it is used only the half of it, since it is just enough for the real use of the family. At the same time, the whole family uses the static bike to generate energy that will be used during the weekend, when it's fully powered.
This way, the user would be more aware of their energy consumption, helping especially growing the awareness of the children as it becomes a game at the same time.

During the weekend
During the weekend families usually eat the breakfast together. It is like a social moment in most of houses with children.
Using this toast it helps to the environment to stay all together. Each member of the family would control their toast.