New York City will have a new club joining Major League Soccer in 2015, co-owned by parent club Manchester City F.C. and the New York Yankees. While the current lone "New York" area team, Red Bull New York, is wholly branded by the energy drink Red Bull, and plays along the PATH train in New Jersey, NYCFC will be New York's true team to embrace in the North American soccer (or football if you prefer) landscape.

The proposal below is an open bid to NYCFC, inspired by the history of New York and it's strong civic symbols. The crest riffs on the monograms that can be spotted in subway stations and buildings throughout the five boroughs while the circular frame hearkens back to the pre-MetroCard subway tokens. The colors, too, draw from the "City" of New York. There's a reason the Mets, Islanders and Knicks all sport some combination of blue and orange: they're the colors of the City flag. It's a combination as of yet unused in MLS, whereas light blue runs rampant.

If you're a fan of the work and further if you want to see it become the new look of our new club, please blast this around the web and to New York City F.C. Tweet at them (@nycfc), hit them up on Facebook ( e-mail them , and be loud!!!! and just maybe they'll listen to us "Citizens."