About Marco Michieletto
It's my personal belief that fashion photo is a short life picture. Just the time to turn the page and we forget what we have seen.
This is not true for what I love to call "made of nothing" photos: a naked picture, an intense portrait, a simple dress that not distract the viewer from the model, the way she poses and her expressivity. In all these cases, the photos, if lovely, sticks in our mind for a long time, as it was able to go into our memory.
That's reason why I choose simplicity as the key of all my projects.
One simple dress, one room with (if it is possible) natural light; nothing but the motivation of the model.
A simple story inspired only by her, her face and the personality inside the woman. Just the pure and armonic result of the match between me and her.
This is what shooting means to me.
I'm not a photographer. I just enjoy of taking pictures.

I was born on september 12th, I live in Treviso (near Venice) and my only love are my wife, my doughter and photography.