Fresh Direct
Get out! Have more fun. Go to the museum, jam to a concert or see your kid’s smile meeting his hero, after all, life’s richness and meaning are made from these moments. That’s why Fresh Direct offers you more than fresh products; it offers you freedom. So instead of making lists and going to the grocery store, farmers market, pharmacy & wine store get out and enjoy more with your family and friends making memories, living life.

So be a dinner party or just a lazy weekend, Fresh Direct helps you make the most of your time by simply ordering online or from our app and giving you special access to all kinds of events and shows. So go ahead, enjoy more and plan less with Fresh Direct.




iPhone App

Get special offers on events and shows near your area. By logging in with FB and filling out your profile the App will identify upcoming events that match your social lifestyle and footprint and give you a heads up on things like premiere tickets, advance screenings and more so you can enjoy life more.

It will also allow Fresh Direct to offer special and unique promotions with local and nationwide partners for special engagements, discounts to concerts & children’s shows, museums, parks and much more.

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