Interactive Designer. Cleveland Browns Fan. Sandwich Enthusiast. I care about the combination of visual and interaction design, attention to detail, and Seinfeld. I'm designing beautiful internal experiences at Apple for the most design-focused audience in the world, Apple employees. I'm a mediocre juggler, not a great rapper, and a proud alum of the Graphic Communication Design program at the acclaimed University of Cincinnati's College of DAAP. Go Bearcats! I am welcoming any and all San Francisco recommendations, please.

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Previously, I was an Interactive Designer at Manifest walking the line between UX and Creative.

Worked on small consultative teams to create thoughtful, functional, and beautiful experiences for some of America’s top brands; redesigning a current process or developing a brand new campaign for customers. I created visual comps, style guides, wireframes, annotations, user flows, and competitive research to ensure our project’s success from conception to deployment. Clients included Kohl’s and Allstate.

Gootie was my Senior Capstone project done during Spring of 2013 at the University of Cincinnati. I split the fun with Meg Geiman under the direction of Ben Meyer. Gootie gave me experience in Brand + Identity, System Development, and Physical Interaction + Prototyping.

Gootie is a concept for an immersive learning system teaching elementary aged students about the effects of their garbage habits as well as introducing responsible, alternative solutions. This system includes a set of five workbooks full of knowledge and activities, an interactive trash can to help students sort their waste and learn where their waste goes, and finally a sticker poster that lives in the school for the entire year. During this collaboration, Meg manned the technical side of things, & I headed the visuals. This was exhibited during DAAPWORKS 2013, including stickers for everyone to color in themselves, we’d like to think it was a hit.

This was done for the University of Cincinnati DAAPWORKS show to promote the work of the Graphic Communication Design Class of 2013. I worked with Meg, Kaity, and Christie to design the site, during Spring 2013. This gave me experience in User Experience, and Promotional Web Design.

Graphic Communication Design is a new major at the college of DAAP. It’s a combination of the previous digital and graphic design majors, and my senior year was the first year that it was shown in the end-of-year DAAPWORKS show. Our group’s design was chosen from the class of 62 students. We worked closely with the branding, promotional, motion, and development teams to get the site up and running with all of the necessary content and features. The show was definitely a giant team effort.

While I can't show the work that I did for apple.com, I'd love to talk about it with you in person. At Apple I was under the direction of Chris Sprouls and Lisa Gee during the Spring and Fall of 2012. I gained experience in Marketing and Web Design.

I spent two co-op terms at Apple, Inc. designing for apple.com as a member of the interactive design team within the marketing and communication division. While there I was lucky enough to work on a large seasonal campaign as well as a new product launch with a small multi-functional team. Apart from web design, I was able to learn how the most successful company in the world goes about marketing their products, which was invaluable. The California sunshine was an added bonus.

Hustle + Freelance was a conceptual pitch done during Summer of 2012 at the University of Cincinnati. I shared the joy with Kenny and Fallon under the direction of Doug Hovekamp and Maren Carpenter Fearing. Hustle + Freelance gave me experience in User Experience, Web Design, and App Design.

After toying with sub-par ideas (one of which had something to do with bananas) Kenny, Fallon and I realized that there was not a comprehensive resource for young designers interested in the world of freelancing. So we made one. I was in charge of the interactive aspect of the concept, which included this promotional website as well as a resource device-wide app. I used the visual system that Fallon created to make a bold and approachable site for our concept. I also aided in a promotional motion piece with Kenny. It's hard out there, get hustlin'. Process

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In addition to the promotional site, I also designed a multi-platform app that the designer could use to streamline their freelance experience including schedule, finance, and customer service tools. Who said a hustler can't be organized? Process

This timeline based infographic was designed during Winter of 2012 at the University of Cincinnati. I worked under the direction of Maren Carpenter Fearing. This design gave me experience in Design Research, Information Design, and Print Design.

Since it's history was much more expansive than I knew, I thought it would be fun to design the record books of the Heisman winners, in all of their everlasting glory. What's Reggie Bush up to these days, anyway? View full size.

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I designed this site during Winter of 2011 at the University of Cincinnati. I worked under the direction of Sarah Miller. Thanks to Johnny Cash I gained experience in Design Research, Identity, and Web Design.

The task at hand was to design a 5-page website for a musical artist of our choosing. The concept behind this is "Outlaw" and I was inspired by old "Wanted" posters. Also, I had an excuse to listen to Johnny Cash all quarter. #Win. Process.

My homage to my favorite flick was created during Summer of 2011 at the University of Cincinnati. I designed with direction from Doug Hovekamp. This project gave me experience in Identity, Story Boarding, Motion Design, and Character Illustration.

The task: create a minute-ish long opening credit sequence for a movie of our choice. I chose Forgetting Sarah Marshall, because, it’s hilarious. I developed a very illustrative and textured style to allude to the comical and Hawaiian nature of the movie. The motion is in the works. Humahumanukanukaapuaa!

This project gave me a new found respect (and adoration) of whales in the Winter of 2012 at the University of Cincinnati. I worked under the direction of Maren Carpenter Fearing. This design gave me experience in Design Research, Information Design, and Print Design.

Step one of this project was to find an infographic that didn't cut it. I found this gem. From there we redesigned the piece to be, well, better. Did you know that whales are never 100% asleep because of breathing patterns? My adoration has exceeded all expectations. View full size.
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This iPad game was a commissioned project during Winter and Summer of 2011 at the University of Cincinnati. I teamed up with Megan, Kyle, and Kaity. We worked under the direction of Ben Meyer. This design gave me experience in User Experience, App Design, Game Design and Prototyping using Xcode.

We were asked to create a game for the iPad for elementary-age children to play while visiting Ohio's Fort Ancient. A historian contacted our professor and we would regularly present concepts and artwork to him. My role in this project was contributing to the overall user experience and aesthetic style, textures, lighting, character illustration, and creating click-through prototypes in Xcode. Process.
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This app concept was a commissioned project during Summer of 2011 at the University of Cincinnati. My o-line consisted of Brian, Mac & Meg under the direction of Ben Meyer and ex-Super Bowl winner Troy Evans. ProStar gave me experience in Client Relations, Art Direction, App Design, User Experience, and Prototypes in Xcode.

An NFL player and UC alum came to our professor to create a prototype for an iPad app concept. My role in this project was to be the overall art director. We used my initial concept and aesthetic all quarter and I took the reigns on delegating work to my group. Update: Peyton Hillis no longer plays for the Browns. I don't want to talk about it.
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