PEGACASA 2013 Promotion Video

PEGACASA P-005利用傳統竹木工藝的卡榫結構表現出整體獨特造型美感,並大量減少產品結合所需的零組件,傳達出智慧、直覺、簡易的操作模式,採用COB LED燈模組,具有超輕薄體積、超低耗電、超廣角照域的優點,燈臂以溫潤的竹片材質呈現出自然的美感,並可與燈架分離當成移動式的照明器具使用, PEGACASA透過傳統的竹工藝和新科技的交鋒,展現出追求極致的現代藝匠精神。

PEGACASA P-005 uses the latching structures in traditional bamboo craft to present a unique overall aesthetic style, and significantly reduces the amount of components needed for combining products, conveying a message of intelligence, instinct and simple operation. Using the COB LED module, its advantage include being extremely thin and compact, with extremely low power consumption and a super wide-angle area of illumination. The exterior of the lights present the beauty of Mother Nature by using warm and lustrous bamboo materials, and are capable of being separated from the light stands and used as portable lighting equipment. Through the integration of traditional bamboo craft and modern technologies, PEGA CASA pursues the ultimate spirit of modern craftsmanship.


Background Music Artist : Parachutes
Music : Paper Birds
Album : Tour EP (2008)
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