Quiet Village
Office: AtelierME + MR Team: Evgeniya Plotnikova, Matthew Messner, Mario Romero The Quite Village is a suspended public plaza located in the far South West...
Team: Maren Allen, Matthew Messner, Jeff Mikolajewski Chicago has a history of putting iconic architecture on plinths. A selective reading of these monuments...
A Go Go
A Go Go is an investigation into the conventions of architectural representation with an interest in what spaces are produced through the willful misuse of tropes...
Palazzo Taranta
Team: AtelierME / Matthew Messner & Evgeniya Plotnikova The layering of complex ornament, simple construction methods, and the dynamic culture of Puglia...
Spanish Rice
Forever House
The Forever House is a house for all times. A simple space defined by four walls, it has no implied use, except for being a shared recognizable icon. Once...
The Man in the Blue Jacket and the Woman in the Purple Coat
The Man in the Blue Jacket and the Woman in the Purple Coat tells the story of a man discovering the wonderful and banal spaces of an eccentric office tower...
Beereau Spectacular
Just what it sounds like.
A Go Go Go
Napkin Sketch
The Other City
An alternate architectural tour of Chicago. with Department of Urban Speculation - Mario Romero and Peter Drezek
Hefner/Beuys House Campaign
Videos produced for Bureau Spectacular to raise money through Kickstarter for experimental Architectural Installation to be exhibited in the 2012 London...
Prentice Unofficial entries to the Chicago Architecture Club 2013 Chicago Prize Competition: Future Prentice
Another Six Endlessly Open Cities
A short Film documenting The Department of Urban Speculation second Friday opening in the Podmajersky ShowPods in Pilson, Chicago. The exhibits ran from...
Future Prentice
Future Prentice Official entries to the Chicago Architecture Club 2013 Chicago Prize Competition: Future Prentice Team: The Department of Urban Speculation /...
Houses of Camazotz
Animation Study
InterEmbrace Team: AtelierME / Matthew Messner & Evgeniya Plotnikova with Lulu Alzaid, Adrianne Jørgensen Think Space - Past Forward ...
Animation Study
Animate Repetition
Animated study of repetition.
ComEd Lineworker School TEAM: AtelierME / Matthew Messner & Evgeniya Plotnikova with Maureen Rahman, Matthew Schneider ComEd Feeling Powerful...
The Block
The Block The Block utilizes efficient space planning and unique unit organization to allow for each unit to have access to its three interior courts. The...
Ownership: MAS Context + Studio Gang
Film for MAS Context 13 Ownership featuring Studio Gang Architects' The Garden and the Machine. with Tom Harris
Parallax Parallax is an experiment in the single surface/folding project. A six kilometer ribbion is folded to produce all of the spaces, walls, floors and...
Jordhavn Jordhavn, or Land Harbor, is a bicycle parking pavilion designed for Nørrebro Copenhagen DK. The space of the subterranean bicycle lockers ...
Elegant Mr.Halloween
Trailer for party at Elegant Mr.Gallery.
Three Manifestos
Study of three architecture manifestos.
HOUSE HOUSE explores the possibilities of a house primitive sectional profile. The scalar manipulation of the single profile, spaces, fenestration, egress,...
Two Weeks in the Life (An Architecture Tale)
Architectural "Bootcamp" at the School of Architecture @ University of Illinois Chicago. Music Of Montreal Suffer for Fashion
Round House
Round House Situated around the ruins of an abandoned farm, Round House integrates the space of the forest as part of its plan. The interior space of the...
Tipping Meadows
Tipping Meadows Team: Matthew Messner, Saravana Vennelakanti Architecture for Humanity Competition The pivotal idea behind Tipping Meadows is that a...
Short Animation of a Studio project at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning. Project based in South East Portland OR. ...