Quick Note!
This is a partial portfolio of my Illustration - abbreviated so as not to overwhelm. Everything else I've painted is on my flickr and/or tumblr page, accessible here: //

And I can be found at: mattxgauck ((at)) gmail

For those interested, I work with bands, magazines, book publishers, and similarly themed types of people/places. I work in oils primarily, but am super happy to work in pencil/pen for the less colorful stuff. I'm most interested in creating imagery with a story behind it, and am personally incapable of painting stuff "just because it looks cool." As stated prior, more of the black and white art can be found on my flickr page. Thanks for looking!

Travel Paradox
Incorrigible: A Film About A Haunted Can of Soda

Self Portrait In Desert
Ocean walker skatedeck

Life's Work: Burden
Fall Magician


Urban Legend

An Exercise in Framing

Flight Paradox

Life On Mars (Painted pre-Wall-E, for those counting)
Contemporary Environmentalism At Work

Headpop - used as a poster by Paper + Plastik

Tape Layout (I know, right? Tapes!)

Microcosm Publishing Poster