Quick Note!
This is a partial portfolio of my Illustration. More things are on my flickr and/or tumblr page, accessible here: // //

And I can be found at: mattxgauck ((at)) gmail OR @veganpatches on instagram.

For those interested, I work as both an Illustrator and a designer. I specialize in combining the two, and in a perfect world would happily paint in oil, draw in pencil, and write hand drawn text all the time.

I'M ON ETSY ALSO feel free to go check it out! Thanks!
Rotten To The Core Shirt design

Herbivore Clothing Koala Shirt / Hoodie Design

Travel Paradox

Food Fight Vegan Grocery Shirt Design

B. Dolan Shirt Design

Carolina Chocolate Drops Shirt Design

City Of Ships Shirt Design

Roots Of Compassion Shirt Design

Assorted Logos

Assorted Metal / Grind Band Logos

Ocean walker and Cookout skatedecks

Wedding Invitation

CD Illustration / Design / Layout

CD Covers (Back / Front)

Junius TShirt Design

Next Stop Adventure Book Cover

Next Stop Adventure Book Inside Covers

Make A Zine Book Cover

Poster / Brochure Cover For FARM

Incorrigible: A Film About A Haunted Can of Soda

Microcosm Publishing Poster

Fur Free Friday Poster