About Mathew John Chyzyk E-Portfilio

Mathew John Chyzyk's passion is for mathematics and mathematics education. At an young age he showed an aptitude for the subject matter. In early years, Mathew would spend his time tutoring his peers in creative ways to understand the concept being taught. In 2009, Mathew graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelors of General Mathematics. After spending a year as an instructional assistant in a special needs classroom Mathew knew he had to become a teacher. Currently he is the midst of the Masters of Teaching program at the University of Calgary, graduating 2012. His standpoint as a preservice teacher is to make mathematics engaging, relevant and most of all enjoyable for his students. It is important to him to present ideas/concepts in a differentiated way to allow students at any skill level to get involved.

For Real Time Interaction: www.twitter.com/mrchyzyk