" Branding is a people to people business, not a factory to people bussines." (Marc Gobé)

Being able to create strong and meaningful brands is not a easy task, and as as designer this challenge is a contant part of my daily life. Throughout this project was researched many theories and methods on how to create successful brands, and one lesson learned is that brands should have human qualities and emotional values in order to succeed.
This project combines two areas brands and tattoos, and is a proposition for brands to create lifetime customers, by getting them tattooed with the brands they love.

Major Project MA Graphic Branding & Identity
London College of Communication 2011®

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Absolute Loyalty - Book Teaser

ISTD - International Society of Typographic Designers

First Things First Manifesto 2000

Five Typographic Posters, Five statements, Read, Reconsider, Review, Reorganize and Reserve your Thoughts about design and the manisfesto.






Nothing worthwhile is sudden. As a poet said, we wait for birth. We wait for love. We wait for life to reveal its meaning to us year after year, experience by experience. Waiting is the law of our lives and the measure of love.

This book is about the experiences of waiting for something to happen. 2004®

Turismo do Alentejo® Rebrand & Brochure proposition.
Made in SantaFe Associates.
All rights belong to SantaFe Associates.

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Based in the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs this is a book about my personal needs expressed with photographies and ilustrations.

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