warm delights - pms sos

That time of the month sucks. For women, their men, and all parties involved. But maybe life would be a little easier, if some chocolate (and a bit of advice) were always handy. So PMS SOS delivers chocolate when she needs it most. Girls can download the app and expect a coupon for Warm Delights every 28 days. Guys can do the same. However, the experience they each get is entirely different.

The Girl’s Path – Avoid the Drama Ecards, Apology Crafter, and Why Me? (aka the symptom solver)

The Guy’s Path – The Great Escape (an excuse generator), Get it Right (tips) and A Foot Massage (for practice)

The app hit the iTunes Store in November and will run for the duration of the promotion.

Girl's Home Screen:

Guy's Home Screen:

The Avoid the Drama Ecards:

The Apology Crafter:

The Symptom Solver: