walmart - bring your spark
Walmart, best known for its frequent appearances on, was having a problem recruiting talent and retaining its employees. To win some new biz, we created a campaign showing how, despite being a gargantuan, faceless empire, Walmart still valued individuality. With just a small team of creatives, our "Bring Your Spark" campaign landed MRM this multi-million dollar account. Due to a conflict, MRM gave it up to the Martin Agency to oversee.

The pitch went a little something like this:

THE SPARK GAMES: A large-scale, annual competition to kick off the campaign.

ABOUT SPARK GAMES: Starting at the store level, then regional, then national, the stockers would stock, the truckers would truck, the cashiers would beep - all vying to be the best in their category and win a hefty grand prize. Through a Youtube Channel and webisode series, we'd showcase the talent that already exists in Walmart, generate public participation, and show the world there was a lot of pride to be had in these stereotypically mindless jobs.

FIND A SPARK: Using Facebook as a Recruiting Tool
ABOUT FIND A SPARK: We felt the best way to find a quality employee was through a quality employee. Since Facebook's where the employees and their friends are, it made sense to create a Facebook application.


ABOUT: We'd make it easy for employees to inform their buddies of available positions, and encourage these friends to "bring their spark."


ABOUT: If you're good enough to help find a quality employee, Walmart should be good enough to help you out, too.

FIND A CORPORATE SPARK: Linked-In Job Notifier

ABOUT: We'd let Walmart Executives direct their Linked-In peers to a Walmart Corporate Twitter feed, which would broadcast available positions the second they opened up.

ASK A SPARK: Giving a Better Idea of What Working for Walmart is Really Like

ABOUT: To combat negative press and turn potential Walmart job-seekers into believers, we'd give people a direct link to real answers from real employees.




ABOUT: Interactive banners like this one would target executives immediately, and answer any question they might have about working at Walmart, right from the banner.