Tomcat kills lots of mice. Which leads to the important question...
What will we do with all of these dead mice?

The campaign won One Show Gold, was Adweek's Ad of the Day,
and it was featured on the SpikeTV special, Funniest Commercials of 2014.

Then Tomcat sold 30% more product and awarded our agency the entire Scotts brand portfolio.

Dressing up dead mice for their Tumblr page was important work, too.

In year two of Tomcat's Dead Mouse Theater campaign, we introduced Turbo Tom, the dead stunt mouse who loves to die fast.

Like any famous action star, Turbo Tom got a theme song.

We also made a lot more silly content for their Tumblr page.

With Ross Fletcher, Nick Kaplan, and more at Barton F. Graf. +Amanda Clelland for "Turbo Tom".
"Leprechaun", "Fitzy Gibbons", and "Vikings" directed by Ringan Ledwidge.
"Tailpipe", "Slingshot", and "Rollerskate" directed by Ulf Johansson.