Radix from latin, a root.

There is a remarkable physical likeness man shares with other living things. The exploration of analogous forms in nature is paired with ephemeral joy, creation, destruction, life, and death, portraying the complexities of men as well as tempting and provoking the viewer’s imagination.

Vegetation's complex organic morphology and their different cycles,- from life to death to renewal- are very intriguing. In parallel, new levels of meaning are opened, referring to the ambivalent and mystical dark side of human existence with the juxtaposition of narrative and decontextualized images.

These images are a journey to celebrate the ephemeral existence of the lives in nature and a return to the origins. What brings all living creatures closer together is the shared experience of being alive.The photographs convey these intricate relationships that both imply humankind’s similarities and interaction with wildlife, trees and plants. A path which helps to understand the connexion and coexistence between our bodies and nature, and the universe.