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"Love everything you do and you will truly do everything you love."

Born into a family enveloped in the study of psychology, Marcus grew fascinated with human nature & character study at a young age.

He began taking photos of his world by age 11 & by 15 he had bought his first video camera, filming his friends & the journeys that ensued.

He studied communication at UCSB, then relocated to attend Columbia College Chicago where he focused on Cinematography & Black Studies.

Marcus went on to shoot the award winning LIONESS OF LISABI on location in Trinidad & Tobago.

He moved to LA in 2008 and shot his first feature entitled PLAYBACK in early 2010 starring James Duval.

Marcus has collaborated with such celebrities as OK Go, Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch, Ice Cube, Danny McBride, James Franco, Rainn Wilson, and Wayne Gretzky, Death From Above 1979, Nickelback, The Rapture and such companies as Hewlett-Packard, College Humor, EA Sports, Easton Sports, Funny or Die, J Date, and Benjamin Moore to name a few.

The Siri Argument video he shot with College Humor won the 2012 Webby award for best individual comedy short of 2011. It has garnered over 10 million views and was rated the best comedy video of 2011 on huffingtonpost.com.

Marcus' span of work includes feature narrative, feature doc, music videos, & Nat'l TV series/spots. Marcus still enjoys filming with his friends.

Visit Marcus' art family at Fort Sunday.


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