Client: Stabilo
Employer: Yune Social

To promote the pen/pencil brand Stabilo, we made a recreation of Robin Van Persie's magnificent goal during the 2014 World Cup match against Spain in flipbook form. I created the first and last part of the flipbook beforehand. After the actual match, a team consisting of myself and three other artist (full credits below) quickly recreated the actual goal, put together the flipbook, shot the above video and uploaded it on Youtube, all within 24 hours after the actual goal was scored.

After a few days the video had 1,5 million views on Youtube, and was featured on pretty much all Dutch mainstream media sites, as well as international media such as The Guardian, Time, ESPN, Bleacher Report and many others. It was also shown on TV shows Studio Brasil and VI Oranje.

Right after the World Cup final, we made a spiritual sequel in which we recreated the top 3 World Cup goals. The result was pretty much similar: over 1,5 million views on Youtube, and worldwide press coverage.

So far this project has been screened on the NFF (Dutch FIlm Festival) and has won two Grand Prix Content Marketing awards, for Best Video and Best Content.

Account: Robert Doggers
Concept/creation: Isaac Diepenhorst, Marc de Wolf
Strategy: Isaac Diepenhorst
Production manager: Tessa Robijns
Production, styling & edit: Bas Bakhuis
Post-production: Serginho Brooks
Art-direction: Marc de Wolf, Isaac Diepenhorst, Chuck Bekker, Serginho Brooks
Media / seeding: Isaac Diepenhorst
Design: Marc de Wolf, Chuck Bekker, Serginho Brooks, Ho-Wing Pang, Tristan Kromopawiro

Client: Zilveren Kruis
Employer: Yune Social

Series of fruit characters representing important factors that influence your health.

Free work

An illustration about the current state of our telecommunication and privacy.

Client: Kromkommer
Employer: Yune Video

Kromkommer is a start-up brand of Soup that only uses vegetables that would otherwise be discarded. In order to raise money to kickstart their enterprise, we made this promotional video. Most of you will probably recognize that it's a parody on another well known advert.

Art Direction & Illustration: Marc de Wolf
Animation: Serginho Brooks

Client: Jumbo Supermarkten
Employer: Yune Social

An interactive Facebook campaign for a Dutch Supermarket chain, which enabled users to invite their friends over for a barbecue in a playful way. They could select up to eight friends, place something tasty on the barbecue and then send out the invitation and place an image of their barbecue on their Facebook wall.

Client: VGZ
Employer: Yune Video

Animation explaining a new approach towards health care.

Storyboard, illustrations and art direction: Marc de Wolf
Animation: Chuck Bekker
Script: Allard Faas
Production: Pablo van den Berg and Suze Ruyten
For the past two years, I've been creating a lot of social media content for various brands. Below you'll find a brief selection.

Bijenkorf: What's your style?

A series of post from department store De Bijenkorf, asking their community what kind of style they prefer for various products.

Albert Heijn: Sinterklaas

A post to celebrate Saint Nicholas on behalf of Supermarket Albert Heijn

Stabilo Bag to School

A customized bag for pen brand Stabilo, to raffle among their fans.

Jumbo: What kind of shopper are you?

A series of recurring posts from supermarket Jumbo, asking their fans about their shopping behaviour.

Zilveren Kruis - Children and excersize

A series of posts from health insurance company Zilveren Kruis asking their community how they stimulate their kids to excercise.

Client: Bits of Freedom

Design for the Big Brother Awards T-shirt.

Personal Work

An re-imagining of the controversial character Zwarte Piet, mixed with the style and themes of the videogame Assassin's Creed. When I released it on the Web, it got spread around a lot, and even got a little media coverage.

Film Festival Off-Screen

An illustration used in the promotional materials for a local film festival in Amsterdam.