A selection of my animation work from the past year.
Client: Stabilo
Agency: Yune

To promote the pen/pencil brand Stabilo, we made a series of animations about both the men's and women's world cup, using traditional materials like pen and paper.

The latest in this series is a video celebrating the start of the 2015 Women's World Cup, in which we animated several female football players in a match against famous male football players (and beating them of course). It was very well received, and has been part of the official selection of Klik! Amterdam Animation Festival 2016.

It is a successor to the first two videos we made in 2014, during the Men's World Cup. Our first video was a recreation of Robin Van Persie's magnificent goal during the 2014 World Cup match against Spain in flipbook form. I created the first and last part of the flipbook beforehand. After the actual match, a team consisting of myself and three other artist (full credits below) quickly recreated the actual goal, put together the flipbook, shot the above video and uploaded it on Youtube, all within 24 hours after the actual goal was scored.

After a few days the video had 1,5 million views on Youtube, and was featured on pretty much all Dutch mainstream media sites, as well as international media such as The Guardian, Time, ESPN, Bleacher Report and many others. It was also shown on TV shows Studio Brasil and VI Oranje.

Right after the World Cup final, we made a sequel in which we recreated the top 3 World Cup goals. The result was pretty much similar: over 1,5 million views on Youtube, and worldwide press coverage.

So far this project has been screened on the NFF (Dutch FIlm Festival) has won two Grand Prix Content Marketing awards, for Best Video and Best Content and the Grand Prix in the Dutch Best Social Media Awards.


Women's World Cup Video:

Concept/creation: Marc de Wolf, Serginho Brooks
Production manager: Nienke van der Maar
Production, styling & edit: Bas Bakhuis
Art-direction: Marc de Wolf
Animation: Marc de Wolf, Kabo Lam
Additional animation: Serginho Brooks, Chuck Bekker
Additional Colouring: Robin Bosman, Sam Ruijter, Letitia Plooi

Men's World Cup Videos:

Concept/creation: Isaac Diepenhorst, Marc de Wolf
Production manager: Tessa Robijns
Production, styling & edit: Bas Bakhuis
Post-production: Serginho Brooks
Art-direction: Marc de Wolf, Chuck Bekker, Serginho Brooks
Media / seeding: Isaac Diepenhorst
Design: Marc de Wolf, Chuck Bekker, Serginho Brooks, Ho-Wing Pang, Tristan Kromopawiro

Client: Adidas
Agency: Yune

Adidas launched a new shoe, which had a theme derived from the Great Wall of China. For their online and print campagains, we made these promotional images for print and social media. Photo manipulation and design by me.

Personal project. An animated short about a cat and a dot.

Music and sound design by Willem Wits.

Client: Stabilo
Agency: Yune

In the Netherlands, Pete is St. Nicholas little helper, who comes through your chimney to deliver presents. However, how will he enter your home when you don't have a chimney? To promote the use of pencils and creativity, we made this animation for Stabilo to explain how it's done.

Client: Albert Heijn
Agency: Yune

Supermarket Albert Heijn launched a new loyalty card for customers. We designed an online quiz where customers could test their knowledge about their groceries and win prizes.

Client: In Ovo
Agency: Public Cinema

An animation explain a new technique to detect roosters before they're hatched, and thus removing the need to kill them after hatching.

Agency: Yune

Each year on the third tuesday in september the king of the Netherlands reads a speech detailing the government's plans for the coming year. The contents of this speech always tend to leak beforehand (to the press, that is). With that in mind, we made this little animated short.

Animation: Marc de Wolf
Sound design: Bas Bakhuis.

Client: Zilveren Kruis
Agency: Yune

Series of fruit characters representing important factors that influence your health.

Client: Stichting Remer

On the eve of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, charity organisation Remer organised the Favela Games, a sports tournament for the children living in the slums of Rio. I helped them out by creating the logo and an animation to promote the event.