Hello there.

We're Marc and Callum, Junior Creatives at BBH London.

We have worked together since our very first year of Sunderland University. During that time, we spent more money on Megabus journeys to London than we did on our girlfriends, which is why we never had girlfriends.

We loved Megabus so much, we clocked up over 9000 miles on them as students. Over those 3 years, we won a D&AD Yellow Pencil, exhibited in Cream twice and did placements at Leith, JWT, Fallon and BBH.

After graduating in 2013, we spent 2 months at VCCP before returning to BBH where Nick Gill gave us our first job.

Awards & Honours
D&AD Student Yellow Pencil
Runners-Up in Cyber, Cannes Young Lions
Winners, Cream 2012 & 2013
Creation of the Month, New Creatives Global
Brief Winner - Student Roses Creativity Awards 2011
Featured in Creative Review, Campaign, Adweek Talent Gallery, Creative Circle and LBB.

Pitch Wins
Samsung - BBH Global
British Airways - BBH London
Ladbrokes - BBH London

Marc Rayson | Copywriter | marc.rayson@bbh.co.uk
Callum Prior | Art Director | callum.prior@bbh.co.uk






Get your body together

Stood like this

LifeSkills teaches young people the skills they need to find work. Nothing extraordinary. Just the basics to get beyond interviews and into the workplace. So, we wanted to be real, genuine and raw. To make something disruptive. Something to make you feel awkward and a tad unsettled. Exactly how young people feel when going for a job interview. But overall, we didn't want to rant about how good the programme is, instead we used it to help others.

Following a LifeSkills programme with ten unemployed teenagers, we wrote and shot seven films in four days. Each film turns teen to teacher. No actors were used. Every single teenager in the campaign came from the LifeSkills programme. We worked closely with each individual to build a script and performance. A very challenging, yet rewarding process.

All seven commercials ran on television. The first film, Erm, broke between the X Factor.

BBH London

Executive Creative Director
Nick Gill

Creative Director
Michael Russoff

Oscar Cariss

Director of Photography
Ed Wild

Tactical press for Refuge

The Oscar Pistorius murder trial was talked about globally last year. Meanwhile, men around the country got away with murder in domestic abuse cases.

This wasn't talked about, so we created a tactical piece for Refuge that ran alongside the Pistorius verdict. It read Don't let another man get away with murder, then asked the nation to back Refuge's call for a public enquiry.

Thier petition to toughen laws against abusers was brought into the Pistorius conversation.

BBH London

Creative Director
Caroline Pay

Head of Art
Mark Reddy

James Townsend

Little Monster

Our first TV commercial, brilliantly directed by Karen from Pop Up Films. It took 6 weeks from brief to television with only a 30k budget. We were lucky enough to work under a brilliant CD, Ewan Paterson, who gave us the freedom to write such a different film for the RFU brand.

BBH London

Creative Director
Ewan Paterson

Karen Cunningham

D&AD Yellow Pencil | Make Your Mark | 2013

Creative Review, Pick of Cream
Creative Review, D&AD Winners
D&AD Annual 2013
Adweek Talent Gallery
Sky News, Tyne & Wear
Sunderland Echo
Little Black Book Online



BBH London

Creative Directors
Nick Kidney & Kevin Stark

Matt Huntley

Christopher Sabogal

BBH London

Creative Directors
Nick Allsop & Martha Riley

Fiona Allen

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We were briefed to celebrate the lifelong partnership between Robinsons and Wimbledon. As a brand, they've been court side for 79 years, so we wanted to replicate the drama of sitting there.

It ran as a double page spread in the 2014 Wimbledon programme and other sporting publications.

BBH London

Executive Creative Director
Nick Gill

Creative Directors
Matt Moreland & Chris Clarke

Head of Art
Mark Reddy

Nick Meek

Brief | Do something famous

Within minutes of Boris Johnson gloriously getting himself stuck on a zip wire during the Olympics, we created a meme of him dangling in the most hilarious of locations. Placing 10 or so examples on a blog and then Twitter, 8 million people interacted with the project in 48 hours. Ultimately, all of the tweets and interactions pushed #DangleBoris to Twitter's top trending topic on the day.

NBC aired it. Newspapers covered it. Blogs featured it. Hundreds were sent to us. Vanessa Feltz even rung us.

BBH London

Creative Director
Pablo Marques

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To celebrate Audi selling six million cars with their famous quattro system, we focussed on the first model to ever use it - the world's number one rally car of the 80s. The ad ran in motor sport publications around the world.

BBH London

Creative Directors
Matt Doman & Ian Heartfield

The Sony Xperia Z1 + QX10 Smart Lens enables high quality photography with a Smartphone. But, the QX10 Smart Lens can also take photos and video while completely detached from the device.

To demo this, we used it to drive a car around the Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit. However, the windscreen was completely covered. To capture the experience, we worked with Top Gear.


Creative Directors
Neil Shanlin & Katie Welch Cook

Marc Rayson & Callum Prior


A global cease fire across XBox Live war games

Unfortunately, we weren't commended by D&AD, but a very simular idea did win a yellow pencil. They took the idea an extra mile. The worst and best thing to ever happen to us. Worst because it was a 'Student of the Year' winning idea. Best because nothing has ever pushed us to work harder. Thankfully, the following year we won a yellow pencil.


We believe that social media isn't education's enemy. Yes, young people do spend a lot of their time online, so we decided to create a social experiment. To take exam revision to Facebook.


'Don't Fly, Support Team GB' press ad on the final day of London 2012.

David Bowie - Hero became the Olympic game's soundtrack following the opening ceremony. So on the final day, we twisted the famous they will be heroes for one day line to congratulate every British Athlete.

Over the course of the games we wrote two press ads per day to support and congratulate British athletes. This was the final one, which ran on the front page of Metro.

BBH London

Creative Director
Hamish Pinnell


The very first work we did together in our first year at Sunderland University.


For our final major project, we wanted to spread the benefits of the web to a generation considered 'alien' around technology. So we went to a Pensioners' Activity Centre in Newcastle and introduced 12 lovely ladies to Google Play. At first they were scared to touch the screen. By the end they were on level 8 of Angry Birds.